I am a 26 year old woman born in Minnesota and am currently a vagabond. I am a professional photo retoucher and you can view my work here.

I often have many thoughts and they get lost in the mess of life. This is my online mind-map to organize a bit and keep a record of my ideas. I also like to share my artwork and travel experiences.

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  1. Hi Amber, my name is Otilia and I am doing quilling for almost one year. I admire a lot your work and I am inspired by it. I made a page where I am posting the most beautiful quilling creations around the world and you are one of the persons who create them. I posted one of your works on my page which I created to promote the beauty of quilling, of course with a link to your page, but I want to know if it´s ok for you. If not, just tell me and I will delete all your works from my page. The page is called Most Beautiful Quilling Creations on Facebook. Also you can see what I am creating on my blog: http://www.ayaniart.blogspot.com. Have a nice week-end.

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