Quilled Map

I’ve finally finished my big quilling project and I am so proud of it! I started in January and I finished in June. The raised pieces are mountain peaks, with relative heights. The green swirls are representational of the ocean currents. Here is some detail:

Here are some images of the process:

I started by drawing out the outline onto thin cardboard

Then I placed the mountain peaks:

And more land…

When the land was finished I made general sweeping currents before filling them in.

It was really fun and meditative! The hardest part though was getting through the end of it by just placing white circle on the border. It didn’t take much creativity and was pure monotony. I actually put it away for about a month because I was so bored with placing the border. but finally I gained the motivation and completed it!


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  1. Amber, this is just pure brilliance. There is such a beautiful sense of rhythm and clarity in your quilling — your work is a balm for our image-overexposed, cluttered PoMo minds 🙂 Thankyou for making this!

  2. I saw this on Ann Martin’s blog and my jaw just dropped ! I loved it so much ! You have so much patience and love the perfectness in each rolled shape !

  3. OMG! So happy I saw this! I have been wanting to do something like this, but never even thought to make it 3-D. It would probably take me more than 6 months. Would you mind if I tried to make a flat one?

  4. Dear Amber! My name’s Helen, I’m one of the editors of a Russian papercrafts magazine (http://scrapjournal.ru). And we’re much interested in publishing a photo of your creation in our magazine. I can’t find your email or a contact form here, so I’m asking you to drop me a line if you can give your permission for publication, contact me on whiteracoon at mail.ru
    Thanks for sharing your creativity any way 🙂 have a great day!

  5. Very nice work. Your shaped coils are very well done. The entire piece was well thought out. Excellent piece of art!!! We’re adding you to our hall of fame.

  6. As a Geospatial Information Science Analyst, who works with imagery and creates maps constantly, I can say this is well planned and a gorgeous piece of work. Definitely love that this is also in relief. Thanks for sharing with the world. I hope you enjoy your map!

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