Path Practice



I’ve decided that this summer with some free time (since I am living in never-ending rain-season Växjö and won’t see the sun) I will improve my Photoshop abilities. One thing that I have never been comfortable with is the pen tool. So I went through some of my photos to find a pattern to path, since I always take pictures of interesting shapes and designs. I took on an ambitious project to start, and I pathed the top of this gate at the entrance to the Belvedere Palace in Vienna:


I got into a rhythm quickly, and it was even fun! I finished it after about a day’s time.

Here is the completed path:


The first photo shows it after some styling. Here is another variation:


Next I did a smaller piece:


Based on a ceiling in Vienna:


Now I can create my own motifs to replicate, put in designs, or use how I wish! I’m really glad I picked up this skill, and it inspires me to improve my Photoshopping even further. Next goal: channels.



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