Monthly Archives: June 2012

Daily Goals


My husband often makes fun of me because I like to come up with a lot of new personal action goals that he thinks are just temporary whims. For instance I wanted to remove bad chemicals from my beauty supplies so I bought an extra pack of baking soda to wash my hair with. “Pff,” he said, “you will never do that.” Okay, that time maybe I didn’t. But it’s not like baking soda goes bad, we will use it! But actually, I have a reason for why I start these lifestyle-overhauls frequently. Its not about self-discovery or just being a silly kid with a new interest every week. It is because I always strive for improvement, and I know myself. I need some sort of harsh discipline at the beginning to get going. I have pretty good control over myself, but I cannot just say “be healthy” and viola. When I set strict rules in the beginning stages of a certain improvement, I become used to the feeling of doing or not doing a certain action, and then it becomes easier to continue it without the hard rules. For instance, I wrote a blog post earlier about my veggie-trials. I made a strict rule to not eat meat when I started to do that to see how it feels. Honestly, I became so obsessed with eating the right things that I felt it was unhealthy psychologically for me so I relaxed my rules a bit. However, I continue now with a reduced-meat diet that may not have happened had I not punished myself before.

So now, I will start a new one.

Today I had the idea to do a new small goal each day. I normally do this; I wake up and automatically go through all of the things I want to accomplish that day. Sometimes I even do this at the beginning of the week or month or season. But every day is different, and when I write things down, particularly here on this blog, it gets out of my head and I become more accountable to complete it. If I start to do this strict thing, and make writing my goal part of my morning routine, completing small daily goals can become a habit and I won’t have to write them down anymore.

It is true that each day is different, so each goal will vary in subject and intensity. For example, today I am trying really hard to recover from a cold. This is because Luca has given me a Thursday deadline to get better or I have to call the doctor. I really don’t want to go to the doctor, so I am taking these days to get rid of this cold once and for all. Therefore, my goal today is to drink three pitchers of water:

I think it something like 3 liters of water? Yesterday I drank two of them and I am feeling much better, so three today must be even better. Now the problem with this goal is that Luca also likes to drink from this pitcher, so if I am not monitoring it, it may be that Luca has drunk a cup that I thought I downed. So to be safe, I will drink three and a half. There. That is Tuesday’s goal. It is 7:30 and I don’t remember now how much I have already drunk…. well the first day can’t be perfect can it?