Wild Rice


Well, I haven’t really been blogging lately. I have instead spent my free time thinking about life. Maybe if I come to a conclusion I will post it here. I’ve mostly been thinking about cynicism and the balance between open-mindedness and integrity. Anyway today I took a break from philosophy and so I will catching up on posts that have been building up. A lot will be food-related. Here is my first for the day, about wild rice.

I used to really hate wild rice as a kid. Really hate. To the point where I would have to close my eyes during Uncle Ben’s commercial so I don’t get sick. But I was a kid, who can blame me? I have always been known for pushing boundaries so I decided to acquire a taste for wild rice. I grew up on a Native American reservation in Minnesota so wild rice is abundant. Here in Sweden it is a different story. Last year I was looking for some volunteer work so I was set up with an Art Professor from a university near my home who was coming over with a group of students on a study abroad trip. I wanted to help and in return she surprised me with a bag of local wild rice. What a great opportunity! She also supplied me with her family’s recipe, which I will not share here in case it is special… I was able to make three meals with the amount in the bag, and it was very delicious and easy to like! Acquiring the taste was no trouble at all. Now that I’ve used up the bag I am even craving some more! I will have to buy a huge bag during my next visit to Minnesota.

I can say a useful tidbit about preparation. I normally do not plan my meals in advance, so when I have a craving for something I want to eat it RIGHT NOW which is not a good quality for food that requires soaking. With the last batch I made instead of soaking it overnight I put it in a bowl (see above) and poured boiling water into it and let it sit like that for a couple of hours. When I finally cooked it the grains were still a bit crunchy but I didn’t mind and I actually preferred that kind of texture to mushy-normal-rice. This week however I planned all my dinners so if I keep along this same behavior I could enhance my dinners with more dried food that can also keep longer.


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