Rice Burgers


After Luca complained that we weren’t being creative enough with our meals, and that everything “tasted American” because of all the butter I use, we decided to try making rice burgers. We didn’t use any recipes, we completely thought this one up on our own, so I thought it could be good to write it down (if I remember what we did).

I started by cooking the rice in some vegetable stock and added some curry powder to the mix. In the meantime I chopped some yellow onions quite finely and tossed them in some oil (not butter this time) with a handful of bean sprouts. I didn’t want to cook them too much because I like to retain the flavor and I didn’t want the sprouts to get soggy. When the rice was done I added it to the bowl of onions and sprouts and grated some cheese in there as well so everything would stick together (that’s what Luca thought it was for, but I just really like cheese). I used Gouda but I guess any kind that will melt would work. We decided its best to let the mixture cool a bit before we try to make patties so it sat there for five to ten minutes as we were preparing the rest of the process. We ended up with four stations. First Luca would form the patty, then give it to me where I dipped both sides in lightly-beaten egg and then put it in a bowl with bread crumbs (we made the crumbs by smashing up skorpor and added salt, pepper, and sesame seeds) and then transferring to the original pan with some more oil in it. We had no expectations, but when they were finished I thought it was one of the best meals we have ever prepared! Extremely delicious, I can’t want to make them again!


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