Nail Polish Experiment


I have tried to make my own nail polish, as instructed by a fellow blogger here. I am never good at following directions and this time proved I should have. Okay there was not some catastrophe, but at least I learned. My first mistake was that I did not get the powder out of the case with a fine makeup brush, but flicked it out into small chunks instead, making the eventual polish really clumpy. And instead of going out to buy clear nail polish I decided instead just to use my cheap bottle of top coat to mix with the powder. So I put on a base coat, then mixed the solution and brushed it on in a frantic after reading hers dried up quickly and ended up with a transparent clumpy mess. It didn’t dry as quickly in the silicone container as I had anticipated so I was able to put another clumpy coat on top to even out the color a bit. Then I tried to “pop” the powder bubbles and put about three coats of clear top coat over to try to hide all the clumps and dips. When I finally got it to look okay, I went to class and noticed my pinky nail color already had a huge chunk peeled off of it. Out of frustration I peeled off the rest. Before I destroyed it I got an image though. I was eating some dried apricots and noticed the color matched almost identically:

I also tried on my toes with a different color after learning from a few mistakes. This time I used  make up brush to get a fine powder, and did not rush the application. I still used the cheap-o top coat though so I don’t know how long this will last!


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