Making clothes (for real)


I guess the title is a bit misleading. This isn’t a tutorial. I stumbled across these women a while ago who were making their own thread. I caught them in a the middle of the process but they showed me how to begin. They said that first they shave the animal or collect the plant that produces fibers and wash them. Then they put it on a brush to tangle it a bit I suppose.

Then they spin it on this contraption to make thread. Or you can twist it by hand. This is when a man on stilts came by to try:

After that you put the thread onto a loom and make fabric! The woman on the left in the first picture said she made the linen dress she was wearing, and I assume the shawl as well. I was really turned on to this idea of knowing exactly what goes into your clothes and creating something from scratch. No chemicals or exploitation. I asked how much a spinning wheel costs and she said “Not much, only like 3000 kronor.” Ummm… I don’t have that kind of money to invest right now. She also said they have a group where they meet and do this once a month. I was really intrigued but too many excuses have stopped me. Maybe in my future when I have a farm and more free time I can do this! Here is another picture of a stilt-walker:


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