My new favorite food is ginger. I have used it on and off for the past few years, but only recently have I discovered how much I really enjoy it. Now I will share some of my favorite ways to use it.

I used to really dislike the taste of ginger, then a friend of mine bought me a jar of candied ginger

which I nibbled on over time that got me to associate the taste with something good. They last for a really long time, I actually think I still have some in a jar at my parents’ house, but it is probably about time to throw them away….

Now I have been using fresh raw ginger. I bought a root, peeled it, sliced it very thinly, and put it in a plastic bag in the freezer. Once they were frozen I just smashed them a bit with my fist and they broke apart nicely and I also got some into little pieces in which I can conveniently add to meals. A few nights ago we had dinner at an Indian restaurant and we got yogurt on the side, and it inspired me to use some Indian flavors in yogurt. I used plain Greek yogurt, grated some ginger to add to it, and then added some honey and a touch of curry powder. Delicious!! Then I decided to try some ginger in the yogurt with some frozen berries which wasn’t as good, but I accidentally left it outside overnight on the back of my bike and realized I could freeze my own yogurt to fulfill an ice cream craving!

Today my husband made me some tea, which for me is just hot water and some lemon since I do not drink caffeine (and can’t really fathom spending so much money on herbal teas) and I decided to throw a few pieces of the frozen ginger in there as well, and it was really great! The flavor didn’t seep into the water so much, but you could definitely taste it, and once it was finished I had a yummy surprise at the bottom to make me alert again.

Above all, my favorite use for ginger is to chew on it when I am on an airplane. I get really nauseous in the air, especially when we are on the descent, and whenever I try to take an anti-motion-sickness medicine I feel so out of it that there is no way I can navigate myself around an airport. So I usually suffer. But One day I bought sushi at an airport and decided to save the gari for the ride and I don’t know if it was the placebo effect or what, but my nausea was reduced. Not completely gone, but it seemed to have helped. Now I haven’t tried raw ginger yet but my next flight I’m going to pack some of the frozen pieces and give it a try.


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