Monthly Archives: January 2012

Train my thoughts


I cannot seem to get past “reward” in my search for motivation to do this paper. Somehow in the next hour or so I must train myself that I will get joy from learning all these great new things, and that I will have more joy to learn these things than to do something else with my time. Do I invest time and energy in trying to find the inherent joy in reading one thousand pages of conflict theory, or do I just settle on the “reward” of feeling smart and complete at the seminar? Do I waste time in making this decision or just do it? I have to figure that out soon, since I have 44.5 hours to complete this assignment if I abjure sleep and meals.

Quilling Trial part 2


After some browsing on the internet and finding some amazing examples, I decided to experiment with creating letters. My first one wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t try so hard. Then I took all my knowledge and tried to make a real image:

It is hard to read, because I couldn’t really figure out how to form cursive letters, and I used extremely thin paper that gets floppy. Anyway, it reads “Fumarco” which is my husband’s last name. I curled the ends up of the border for some personal flair also. I realized that I could make beads from patterned origami paper and make some jewelry also. So after trying all my techniques, now I will start my big project:

Quilling Project


I have been experimenting with quilling, a technique of paper rolling. This is a quick project I did in a few minutes as a trial. As you can see, it is not perfect- I did not bother measuring the paper widths or trying to hide my guide lines, but it is a start. Instead of buying the tools that are suggested, I just rolled the paper around a nail. I don’t really see the sense in buying a blunt nail on a handle to get the same result. I wetted the ends of the paper (maybe it is gross but I just stuck them on my tongue for a millisecond) and they easily curved around the nail and stuck there as I was spinning it. I used thick origami paper which seems to hold the curl and the pinch really well.